Still | Episode 33

Franklin listened as people bustled around him.  He still couldn’t move an inch and couldn’t get his mouth to work, but he could hear what was being said, what was going on around him.  He has spent second, minutes or hours laying there unable to move while the doctors poked and prodded at him with needles and tubes; all of which was painful at the very least.  They all talked near him as if he wasn’t actually there as if he was nothing more than a pile of meat, bones and other tissues, and all he could do was listen to them.  He was in the ICU; he knew that much and he also knew that he was stable.  He also learned from listening that he did have brain functions so it was only going to be a matter of time before he would “wake up”.  There was a sense of relief that he was going to “wake up” even though he felt that he was awake.   He had never been a religious man, but he spent some time hoping and praying that this wasn’t what happened when you died, that this was not the end of you for all time and eternity.  He also had spent some time with the fear that this was hell and his actions in life had put him in this situation.  People always talk about seeing a light when they have a near-death experience but none of that had happened to him.  There had been no light, no family members urging him to come with them, no judgment, there had simply been nothing and now all he could do is lay there and be still with his thoughts.  Franklin was used to being alone with his thoughts and even, at times, talking to himself, but this stillness was something almost unbearable for him to deal with.


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