Sorrow | Episode 31

Lady continued driving toward her destination with a sense of longing and a need to hurry.  She was nearing her next stop and luckily she was making excellent time even with waking up late.  Of course, speeding and the lack of any noticeable law enforcement had helped get her to get to her next stop in time.  As she came closer to the town she suddenly felt some sharp spasms run through her body and had to stop suddenly so that she didn’t run off of the road.  There was a brief moment as she put the motorhome in park that she felt she was about to lose consciousness.  Just then something pulled at her mind and she saw the same man from her vision before, this time, he was in a desert sobbing.  He didn’t feel the same as he had in the vision before, this time, she only felt sorrow, nothing of the anger that spilled out of his strange eyes.  She blinked several times in an attempt to clear her vision, she needed to get to the next town and get stopped for the night before her brother came to start his infinite loop through his death.  She hadn’t made it to her stop the night before but she was not about to be held up again due to some vision.  It was hard on her to be stuck here in the motor home when her brother came, as he appeared wherever she was and in this space, it was hard not to watch him so close, but she couldn’t touch him, couldn’t stop him. 

She rubbed her eyes with her hands and screamed in frustration.  Suddenly her vision cleared, her determination breaking the spell that had held her in the vision, and she was back on the road only minutes from the next town.  “I am going to make it tonight.” She whispered to herself or to her brother she wasn’t sure of which, she just knew that she was not going to keep allowing these visions to take her over.


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