Jesus and Rock N Roll | Episode 29

A radio was playing, and she could just make out a woman singing “After Jesus and Rock N Roll couldn’t save my immortal soul, I’ve got nothing left...” With that, she realized she was dreaming, and started to wake.  She groaned and stretched, the same morning routine, only today it was hot and she ached everywhere.  Lady opened her eyes slowly and realized that it was way later than she wanted it to be.  “Shit, shit, shit!” she jumped out of bed, and started to gather her things she needed to get moving and get on the road, and it was already afternoon.  It was incredibly hot due to the afternoon sun beating down, so hot in fact that it was almost stifling and she felt like she had a desert in her mouth.  She rushed into the bathroom and started the shower.  This is going to be one of those days she thought to herself.

She was supposed to be on the road hours ago, and she needed to get going if she was to make her next planned stop for the night before it was way too late.  She turned the key in the ignition only 20 minutes after getting out of bed, which had to be some kind of record for her,  and cranked the air conditioner in hopes that it would cool down fast.  The heat and the fact that she hadn’t had time to grab something to eat before settling into the driver’s seat was making her feel ill.

As the air inside started to cool, she began to feel a bit better, and even though she was running late, resolved herself to stop and get something to eat on the way out of town.  She was afraid that if she didn’t that she would really be sick and that would put her even further behind schedule.  Leaving the RV park, she turned and headed to the station she stopped at the night before, she remembered seeing that they had food prepped last night and was sure that they would have something out for lunch by now.  She ran into the station and was back out in a few short minutes ready to get on the road.  She jumped into the motor home and cranked the key in the ignition and as she started to roll out of the parking lot turned on the radio and caught the words “Nothing left to lose”.


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