Wine and Ice Cream | Episode 28

Marianne sat staring at the clock ticking on her bedroom wall.  She hadn’t even changed out of her uniform.  She was feeling devastated at the rejection she felt.  “Why did I have to kiss her?” she questioned herself over and over as the memory chased its tail over and over racing around her head.  She was starting to get a migraine and felt vaguely nauseated.  She resolved herself, finally getting to her feet and heading to the bathroom to take a shower.  She planned out her next few steps the minute details of the tasks falling in order in her head.  As she completed one task she mentally ticked it off the list in her head.  It was all she could do not to think about the memory of Emma pushing her away, and she had to keep her mind off of a pounding headache that was starting to ebb and flow with her heart beat.  Every few tasks ticked off of her list the image of Emma’s surprised face would flash in her mind, and she would concentrate harder on the task in front of her.  She was getting in the shower by this time and turning the hot water on full blast.  The water fell in hot, stinging strands until her body was almost entirely read before she finally started to let herself relax.  What could she do to make this up to Emma she thought as the ebb and flow of a migraine started to subside a little bit?

After her shower, she went into the kitchen and got a tub of ice cream out of the freezer and a spoon from the rack on the counter.  She also got out a wine glass and a bottle of wine.  She needed a distraction to keep that one memory out of her head, a glass of wine and ice cream was just what the doctor ordered.  She walked into the living room and turned on the TV to find something to watch that didn’t require much attention.  That meant she would be watching the comedy channel, she turned the channel she wanted and there was a standup comedian on.  “Good, I needed a laugh about now.”


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