Coma | Episode 26

As he had drifted out of consciousness the night before, Franklin thought he had seen Jason standing over him, only, this time, something was odd about his appearance, though he didn’t give it a second thought as he fell further into the stupor that only junk could bring.  He drifted further into unconsciousness than anyone could naturally, being lulled into a slumber that would keep him from waking even if the house was on fire.  It may seem a dangerous thing to some, but to Franklin it was the only way he could sleep now.  Waves of calm flowed over his entire body, he loved how his muscles relaxed one by one and soon he was riding those waves into the nothingness that always followed.  At some point, there was this glimmer of something else, something angry, but it quickly subsided as the waves rolled in and out.

During the next morning, he knew it was morning because he could feel the heat of the sun on his skin, he almost sensed movement around him, then he was jostled from side to side and lifted up onto some kind of bed.  He heard wheels squeaking from underneath.  Terrified, he attempted to open his eyes, to wake up but couldn’t no matter what he tried.  There were people talking over him, but it was hard to make out what they said.  They started to move the stretcher and he heard his door open, then shut, then a set of doors opened on a car or something, and he was slid into the vehicle and the doors shut again.  He realized he was in an ambulance once the sirens started blaring as it sped off.  He tried to tell them that he was fine, but nothing came out, and his lips didn’t move.  He tried to move his arms and his legs and nothing happened.  Then he tried even just his fingers and toes, still nothing.  He couldn’t do anything, he was trapped.  I should have just flushed that junk he thought to himself since his mouth wouldn’t work to say it out loud.


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