A Vision | Episode 24

As Lady’s vision cleared, she didn’t see the road or even the landscape of the town she was driving through.  She saw a man looming over a woman with dark hair that almost melted into the darkness that surrounded her vision.  It was almost as if she was looking at the world through a tunnel, and what she saw was horrifying.  The man was plunging his hand into the woman, his hand going right into her chest without any resistance.  Lady watched in horror for a few moments, but then shook her head and closed her eyes really tight hoping not to see this vision after she opened them again.

As she opened her eyes, slowly, one eye at a time, she looked up and out of the windshield of the motorhome.  At least she had the foresight to pull over and stop as the vision took hold.  She peered down at the clock and realized that it was too late to get to the RV Park now; her brother would be appearing any moment.  After being so shaken up by the vision, for that is the only thing that she could describe it as she was almost comforted by the thought of seeing her brother even though it would be the same as every other day since he had died.  Number one hundred and twenty-eight she reminded herself as he appeared and started going through the motions.  Writing a letter he never intended to deliver, but to be found after he was gone.  She cried, which she hadn’t done recently, and this time, she watched through the loop to the very end.  It was horrible watching him take his own life, but tonight having this one thing be consistent was more comforting than it should have been.

Lady was still a little shaken, and her face was blotchy from tears by the time she got to the RV Park.  She was ready to lie down and sleep, but she also hoped that vision would not plague her dreams tonight, she was also more than a little concerned by the event altogether as this was not something that had ever happened before.


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