The Drive | Episode 23

After the tank was filled Lady continued to drive toward her destination, following the route that she had marked on her map the night before, only stopping occasionally to use the facilities at a rest stop and to stretch.  It was starting to get late enough that she would have to find a place to rest for the night.  Today would be number one hundred and twenty-eight, and it was getting closer to the time when she would see Guy going through his final day once again.  Her stomach twisted in knots every time she thought about it, and of course, today was no exception.  She had planned for the inevitability of her brother’s tormented spirit playing out his final moments and had even marked the town she would be stopping in on her map.  She looked down at it briskly then back up in time to see a road sign that said the town was only 15 miles away.  She had made very good time and was starting to feel a little road weary anyway, so she was glad that she would be stopping for the night soon, even if it meant she would be sleeping all alone in the motor home once again.

About 15 minutes later, she was turning off the highway, and onto the main street of the town.  She slowed way down looking for a gas station or some other place that could give her directions to the local RV Park.  She soon saw the lights of a Conoco station, so she pulled in and ran in to ask for directions, and while in she decided that she would grab some snacks and some more water.  While she was there she pulled up to the pump and filled up the tank on the motorhome again.  That way she wouldn’t have to stop in the morning, and she had made good enough time getting into the town that she had plenty of time to get to the RV Park, and get settled for the evening before her brother’s spirit showed up.

As she drove off towards the RV Park from the gas station, an odd feeling took her over, and suddenly her vision was blurred, and then she saw something… something much different than the view out of the windshield of the motorhome.


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