Out to Breakfast | Episode 22

Emma woke up with a slight spring in her step; she got out of bed and began to get ready for the day.  She realized she didn’t feel guilty anymore about what happened to Jason.  It was his own damn fault after all.  Her day with Marianne had shown her how much of life she had been missing out on, just how unhappy she really had become and more than anything she was happy to finally have a friend other than Jason.  She was so relieved to finally be completely rid of him and his influence.

By the time she finished putting on her makeup she heard a knock at the door.  Marianne was standing there beaming from ear to ear.  “I know I should be home in bed, but I thought we might go out to breakfast first.” Marianne said, “Come on, I know a great mom and pop diner just up the street from here.” Emma agreed that would be great, she was hungry and was happy to have breakfast with Marianne.  She moved to grab her wallet and Marianne stopped her saying “Oh you won’t need that, my treat.”  She held up her Visa card and tapped it with her forefinger.  Emma just smiled, winked at her, and grabbed her car keys, out of habit, and the room key card.

“Anything you can recommend?” Emma asked Marianne after they had been seated by a rough looking waitress who had already taken their drink orders in a gruff “I’ve smoked for a million years” voice.  “Really anything,” Marianne said, “It’s all good, but that’s because it’s REAL food; not that crap you get at all those fast food places, where not even their coffee is drinkable!”  “Ah, a cop with discerning tastes I see...” Emma said and smiled as she tipped her water glass up then said decisively, “I will have the biscuits and gravy.” With this declaration, they both laughed as the waitress returned with Marianne’s coffee and Emma’s orange juice, ready to take their order.


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