Back to Work | Episode 21

Marianne hated that she had to leave Emma and go home to get ready for work.  They had been having a blast, laughing and watching stupid shows on TV.  She knew she should be ashamed of herself taking advantage of the situation like she was.  “But what can you do when you’re in love?” she asked herself several times throughout her drive home and even during her entire shift. 

Second graveyard this week, just two more to go and she would have a day off.  She hoped it would be spent with Emma.  They hadn’t really planned anything that far ahead, but Marianne would go back after she had slept some to hang out again.  She had to admit to herself that it was horrible to be so happy about someone’s death, but those thoughts quickly receded as she thought of Emma’s smile and the way that it crept into her eyes moments after it touched her lips.

As luck would have it, it had been another blissful, uneventful night and Marianne was soon heading home feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve, eager to go to bed, but too excited about what would come next to sleep.  As she walked in the door to her little yellow house she dropped her keys on the counter and headed to her bedroom.  She needed to take a shower and try to relax if she was going to get up in time to see Emma before she started her shift.  She slipped out of her clothes, tossing them in the pile that was already building on her bedroom floor and headed into the bathroom.  She turned on the shower and waited until it got to the right temperature before hopping in.  She let some of her tension slide away with the water.  She turned the shower head over to the massaging pulses, moving so that the streams were in the middle of her back and just relaxed.


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