The Traveler | Episode 20

Lady woke up after a fitful night of restless sleep.  “It happens more often than not,” she whispered to herself as she brushed the hair out of her eyes and tried to focus.  She began her ritual, first stretching, and growling, then crawling out of the motorhome bed and heading to the bathroom.  On her way, in she grabbed a towel and a washcloth, she needed to shower now if she was going to wake up enough to get on the road before noon.  She had taken some time to plan a route last night before weariness and despair took her off to bed.  She would head north from the coast, she had an odd feeling as she looked at the map that almost outlined the roads she would take to get to the destination where “they” wanted her to go.  She was starting to rely on these feelings as they had never been wrong or lead her astray before, so if “they” wanted her to head north, the north was exactly where she would go.

As she showered she reflected on the dreams she had throughout her restless night.  There had been a pair of very strange eyes, that had this frustration or anger emanating from them... so intense.  She wasn’t sure what the dreams meant if they meant anything at all, but she cleared her mind and let the images from her dream wash down the drain with the suds.  She got out, dried off, dressed, and busied herself with getting breakfast.  Today it was a couple of pop tarts, which she grabbed on her way to the driver’s seat.  She was ready to get going and definitely ready to get away from the coastline.  She started the engine and turned onto the road.  “To the north!” She exclaimed, holding a finger in the air and off she went.

In the next town, she stopped at a gas station to fill the tank of the motor home.  She didn’t really want to have to stop so soon, but she also didn’t want to run out of gas in between towns and be stuck in the middle of nowhere waiting for someone to just happen by.  She never asked for help, after all, she might con someone but would never simply ask for help.


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