Just the Wind | Episode 19

Franklin was vegging out on the couch, eating cheese puffs and bean dip from the gas station, when his door blew open and startled him.  As he looked up he swore he saw Jason standing there, but then he heard something over by the TV and turned to see what it was.  By the time he looked back toward the door, nothing was there - just some leaves blowing in.  He began thinking that he was high and possibly had eaten too much junk food which was causing him to see things.  It seemed pretty reasonable to him as it had happened before, and this was definitely not his first rodeo.  He instantly accepted this explanation and walked over to close the door, brushing the leaves out with his bare foot before he shut it tightly and then checked it 3 or 4 times to make sure it wasn’t going to open again with the next gust of wind.  The weather had been odd lately, he thought to himself, as it was usually just really hot this time of year.  It had rained recently and the wind was really starting to pick up both unusual occurrences.

He turned from the front door and headed towards the kitchen.  He decided he needed a beer to calm down after being spooked so that he could relax, and while he was there he might as well get another breakfast burrito.  As he grabbed a beer from the fridge, he grabbed the burrito and popped it into the microwave.  He stood in the kitchen swaying back and forth in front of the microwave, drinking his beer, and anticipating the burrito.  By the time the “ding” sounded signifying it was done, he had drunk the entire beer, which was more the norm for him than not; he reached into the fridge to grab a third before getting the burrito and heading back to the couch.  He was ready to sink in and become a part of the couch since there really was nothing better to do. 

Moments later Franklin, full of both junk and junk food, began to pass out again.  As his eyes fluttered closed, he caught another glimpse of what he thought was Jason in his house, but it slid away again and he was gone to the world.


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