Coffee Talk | Episode 18

The coffee table creaked and groaned as Jason’s fist smashed into it, and then buckled under the force crashing to the ground.  “Shit,” Jason said to himself, half amazed and half bewildered, as he saw  the mess he had just made.  He looked from the broken coffee table to his hand, then back and forth a few more times.  He really had only felt his hand land on it, barely glancing off of the surface.  He definitely didn’t feel like he had put enough force into his downward swing to break anything... It had been more of a means to relieve the frustration he felt.  His hand didn’t even hurt, and with that kind of damage, it should have.

Jason got up and started pacing, his mind racing at the events of the last few minutes, finally deciding to walk over to Franklin’s.  He needed to get out of the house; being there was only making him feel more and more lonely and frustrated with his circumstances.  He couldn’t stop thinking about the coffee table and really needed to clear his head.  “What is going on with me?” he asked himself and thought of how talking with Franklin always helped him clear his head.  He just got Jason and knew when to listen to him rant and when to squeeze in between the rants to give an opinion. 

Jason walked out the door and, in what seemed like only minutes, was at Franklin’s house.  He just opened the door to walk in, knowing he was always welcome when Franklin was in.  He could see the T-Bird out front so he knew that Franklin was, in fact, home.  As Jason walked into the house he realized the wind was starting to kick back up and the leaves from the lawn were blowing in around him.


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