Frankie's Out | Episode 17

After he passed out on the couch, Franklin got up sputtering and cursing under his breath.  He knew he had seen Jason in the house, even talked to him, but then he just disappeared.  Jason had said he was going to take a shower, but Franklin hadn’t heard the water running; he knew he had passed out and maybe it had just been a dream.  He did have a nagging thought in the back of his mind, though he instantly equated that with a pounding headache that was rearing its ugly head again.  He remembered the junk, still didn’t want to throw it out, and thought maybe he should get something to cut it with to take the edge off it.  He hauled himself off the couch, made his way back out to his T-bird and headed home.  He was ready for something to eat, and of course, another healthy dose of junk, even if it was another bad headache waiting to happen.

On his way home Franklin decided to run to the gas station and pick up some junk food to go with the junk waiting at home; he laughed to himself at the thought of junk food and junk, and remembered he needed some more aspirin.  “I really should throw that junk out,” he thought to himself again, but he couldn’t just dump the stuff, it cost too much to just flush.  He thought one more time about cutting it with something to make it less potent and wondered idly what made this junk so different than other batches he had had as he picked up his junk food haul including chips, candy, and various other gas station goodies.  His favorite thing was the breakfast burrito that he would be heading up for a quick dinner when he got home. 

Finally arriving at the front of the house he hopped out of his T-bird and almost skipped inside with his bag of junk food, happy to be home and itching to get high.  Once there, he dumped the food on the counter and danced to his bedroom where he kept his drugs going down a mental list: step one get high, step two eat, step three veg out full and high out of his mind.  Another evening spent just the way he liked it.


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