Awake | Episode 15

Marianne woke with a start, most of her nightmares instantly sliding from her mind, but a few images lingered.  She could remember dreaming about Jason’s lifeless body and then him speaking to her as if he were still alive, but he was standing beside himself.  Then she shook her head and the rest of it slid away.  She knew it was only because of the night before and what she had helped Emma do.  She looked at the clock and realized that it was much later than she expected and wondered how Emma was doing with all of this.  She reached down beside the bed and picked up her silenced cell phone which had been charging next to her and realized she had missed 15 calls.  All of them were from the same number; she jumped up and ran to the bathroom, then back to her bedroom she needed to get back out to the motel room and Emma. That had to be who had called.  She finished dressing in record speed and dialed the number to call back to the motel.  She asked for Emma’s room as soon as someone answered.  By that time she was already in the car and turning the key in the ignition.  As soon as she heard Emma’s voice on the other end of the line she asked: “Are you ok?” Emma told Marianne about the odd occurrence at the motel and Jason’s shoe simply lying on the ground in front of the door.

By now Emma had had enough time to calm down and explain away the shoe, but she had been thoroughly weirded out; she had been so tired and freaked out the night before by the time she had gotten to the motel she was sure she must have just not thrown that shoe out the window and grabbed the lace or something when she hauled her bag out of the car.  As for the knocking, that must have been someone knocking on another door at the motel.  Wasn't she the only guest, after all, right? It could have been someone in a room close to her.  She explained all of this to Marianne, who, of course, agreed.  Emma told her she would be tossing the shoe out the window on her way back home in a couple of days.  By the time Emma was done telling Marianne everything that had happened, Marianne was pulling up outside of the room with coffee and doughnuts.  Marianne told her to open the door, and the sight of her standing there with coffee and doughnuts made Emma laugh for the first time in what seemed to have been a very long time.  “What a cliché, you showing up with coffee and doughnuts,” Emma said to Marianne as she let her in.


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