Lady | Episode 14

Lady stood staring out at the ocean somewhere colder than she would like it to be.  She was tired of the cold.  She looked over and caught a glimpse of her Brother Guy walking out towards the water.  His hair dancing in the wind, he scribbled something down on a sheet of paper.  Lady knew it was about love, why it had to end, and how he couldn’t understand how everyone went on breathing when true love ended.  She saw a tear fall onto the paper and looked away as the gun came up to his mouth.  Every day she saw her brother’s final moments as he walked through it again and again.  This was number one hundred and twenty-seven.  She never could help but watch for the first few moments, hoping that her brother just won’t do it this time, but it always happened; the gun always came up to his mouth.  She used to watch all the way through caught in the horror of her brother’s final moments, but Lady had learned to tear herself away when she saw the gun start to flicker up towards his mouth.  It was never quite as vivid as it was the first few times, and it seemed to fade more and more every day.  She wished that she could help him out of the loop and to find peace.  She had even tried to talk to him a few times, but it had never done any good. 

After her brother flickered away for the one hundred and twenty-seventh time since his death, her thoughts turned towards when she and Guy used to run scams. She “channel” the spirits and she supposed that maybe, just maybe this was her punishment for stealing so much money from people telling them their loved ones were safe or they had a message for them.  She hadn’t ever experienced anything like what was happening with her brother before, but things had definitely gotten worse since his death.  She had started seeing other spirits in a loop of their own deaths everywhere she looked, but her brother’s death was always the most haunting.  He was her twin after all, and she would always love him even if she had to relive his death every day.  Today was number one hundred and twenty-seven; she hoped that one day she could help him and she wouldn’t have to watch him die over and over.

Lady turned and started back toward the motor home.  She was sad she had to go back into it, alone again, and drive on to somewhere she could stay the night.


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