Home Again | Episode 13

Jason stood at the door to the motel room desperately waiting for Emma to open the door. He heard her cross the floor, grasp the door handle and slowly opens the door. "Emma, can I please come in," he asked as soon as he could see her, but she gave him no reply. In fact, she looked around bewildered until she saw the shoe on the ground. He hadn't remembered dropping it there, and he was not sure why she looked so startled by it. It was only a shoe, after all, Jason thought. He reached out to touch her and he saw her shiver then close the door. He went to knock again but decided to turn and head home. She was obviously upset with him and wasn’t going to speak to him. He wasn't sure about it, but something seemed odd about what had just happened.

Jason, lost in thought began to walk in no particular direction and soon ended up at home. He couldn't believe he had walked all the way back; he had definitely lost some time somewhere. Well, as long as he was home he might as well go in, clean up and get some clothes on. As he walked through the door he heard the TV playing some music and then heard the fridge open. He walked in to see Franklin opening a beer, Jason's beer, and start to chug. He stepped up just as Franklin brought the beer bottle down from his lips. Obviously startled, Franklin jumped about a mile in the air and spit beer all over him. Jason supposed he looked scary standing there, and he had snuck up on Franklin. He reached out a hand to steady Franklin and said "I'm sorry Frankie" Franklin just mumbled something about not being a fag and told Jason to go put some clothes on.  Jason walked back towards his bedroom to get some clothes and after another gap in time, he stood showered and clothed in the bathroom staring at his reflection.


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