Back in Town | Episode 12

Franklin wandered from room to room calling out to Emma and Jason. He soon realized they weren't home, which somehow seemed odd to him. He knew Jason never left the house the day after getting a big bunch of junk. Franklin walked around a bit more and then decided to get a beer from the fridge and kick back for a bit. Jason would be home soon, he was certain of it. It was odd enough that he was gone now. Standing in front of the open fridge door, Franklin grabbed a beer, twisted the top off and tipped the bottle to his lips taking a long swig in a motion that was so fluid you would have missed it if you’d blinked. He turned and headed back to the living room, plopped on the couch, kicked off his shoes and put his feet up on the coffee table. He tipped the beer back again, nearly emptying it and flipped on the TV.

He drained the last of the beer as he flipped through the channels wondering where Jason had gone off to but decided it didn't matter; he would just hang out drinking Jason's beer till he got home. Free beer was the best kind after all. He got up and went to the fridge to grab another. He opened the door and grabbed it in the same fashion as before, tipping it back, and draining most of it. He returned to the living room and began flipping through the channels once more.

Finally landing on a music video channel, which happened to be playing music videos, he got up and headed toward the kitchen finishing the last of the beer he had on his way. He dumped the bottle in the garbage and hopped over to the fridge repeating the same practiced movement as before, only this time as he brought the beer back down; Jason was standing right in front of him naked and filthy.


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