The Room | Episode 11

Emma crossed the length of the motel room in a few strides to open the door. She expected it to be Marianne coming to check in on her. After the night they had she felt the beginnings of a bond taking shape with the officer who had helped her out of literally the worst situation she had ever been in.

She reached out her hand, grabbed the knob and gave it a sharp turn with a huge smile on her face. As she opened the door she saw no one; not a single source for the knocking could be found. She looked from side to side, then down and then she saw it sitting there, one of Jason’s shoes. One of the shoes she had tossed out the window as she drove down the freeway. Fear instantly took over and she felt a chill slide down her arms and back with goose bumps erupting across her skin. She picked up the shoe, threw the door closed and locked it. She crossed the room in quick strides going back to the bathroom. She knelt down when she got to the toilet just in time not to get sick all over the floor. How did that shoe get there? Did someone see them? Did they follow us here?

So many questions, and none with an answer she could give, but she had to get a hold of Marianne.  Luckily Marianne had given her a piece of paper with her number on it.  Emma didn’t have a cellphone so she couldn’t put it in there like most people would have. She grabbed the paper from her bag, picked up the phone and dialed.  The first time she got a wrong number and tried again.  She couldn’t really make her fingers move, she was so shaky. Finally getting the number right, she sat in horror as the phone rang and rang with no answer.  She tried again, and again, with the same result.  “Where the hell is she?” Emma whispered into the receiver and dialed again.


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