Good Morning | Episode 10

Jason woke up naked and filthy, not knowing where he was, how he had gotten there and where his clothing was. As he stood up his muscles ached and his body shook. Everything was sore, even his hair. He blinked several times trying to clear his blurry sight and had to instantly sit back down, naked, in the mud. The world was so surreal and bright. For a long moment, he couldn’t clear the fog from his head. Then suddenly he got back up and just started walking towards what looked like a road. Jason couldn’t believe how screwed up he still felt. "Just how did I get here?" he asked himself.

A little piece of the night before finally came back to him as he walked down the side of the road. Emma was leaving him he needed to find her and convince her to come back and stay. He continued to walk in what he thought was the right direction, but what did he know, he had never been good at school and worse at directions. He supposed that was why he had no real direction in life. He hoped he would get it down finally. He had to get Emma to come back.

Further up the road, Jason saw one of his shoes so he stopped to pick it up. A while later he found a sock which he didn’t bother with but he knew it had been his unless someone else in the area marked the toes with ‘JJ’ to keep their girlfriend from wearing them. Just that thought made him stop and begin to cry. Those silly little quirks that seemed so big then didn’t seem so important now that she may be gone for good. He just kept on walking, lost minutes then hours till finally, he made it to the outskirts of a town. Not his hometown, but he did recognize it as it was not that far down the freeway.

Suddenly he noticed a car that seemed familiar, and then realized it was Emma’s Continental. It was parked in front of a motel room. As he walked shakily closer he saw movement inside the room, then a sweep of long dark hair. It had to be Emma! Excited at the thought that his heart had not only lead the way to his love but that he may actually have a chance to talk to her meaning he had a chance of talking her into coming back. He stood in front of the door for a moment then rapped on the door quickly.


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