Revelations | Episode 9

Marianne drove back to town after helping Emma dispose of the evidence; not only was Jason dead, but he had been in Emma’s car.  Marianne’s mind was racing at the thought of seeing Emma again.  She had loved her ever since she had met her in high school, but Emma had always been with Jason, and there hadn’t been much chance of that changing.  Then, almost as if it was fate, she happened to pull Emma over and there was Jason... dead!  She was thrilled that she may finally get the chance to show Emma how much she had loved her and loved her still.  It was almost too much to think of right now.  She had to get back to town and hope no one noticed the miles she had put on the car tonight, they were a little more than what she would have normally used had she cruised around town.

As luck would have it, it had been such a quiet night besides what she had actually been involved in that no one was sticking around to share stories and as she was increasingly sure they wouldn’t even check on the mileage, she relaxed a little more.  This was definitely risky, but she wouldn’t have let Emma go to jail for that piece of trash. He had been a junkie for so long; she was sure he had been using even back in high school.  She also felt a little quiet exaltation for helping Emma it may get her the chance she was looking for, she reminded herself.  Finally out of uniform, she walked out of the station, tired and ready for sleep, crossed to the parking lot she always parked in, hopped in her car and drove carefully home, preoccupied with thoughts of Emma.

She pulled up to her little yellow house a few minutes later, went in and decided she needed a shower.  There was this icky film on her skin that didn’t have anything to do with dirt, but instead with memories from last night, like how quickly she had come up with the plan that should keep everyone from even looking for that junkie.  She did feel a little bad that he might not have a proper burial, but figured the chances that he would have died in some alley somewhere or in a bad drug deal and been dumped were pretty high anyway; that helped to make it seem like it wasn’t such a bad thing they had done.

Turning off the shower, she grabbed her towel and dried off.  Maybe later today after she had slept some she would go out and find Emma at the motel she had suggested the night before and see how she was holding up.


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