Morning After | Episode 8

Emma woke with ratted hair and mascara stains around her eyes and running down her cheeks. She couldn’t believe that Jason was dead, "That dumb ass" Emma whispered as she started to move and remembered that she wasn’t home, but in a motel room a couple of towns over. She got up and went into the bathroom and on her way in grabbed her bag. She intended to take a long hot shower in hopes that she could scrub away the anguish and the shame she was feeling. As she stepped out of her clothes and got into the shower, her mind turned back to the night before.

From the side of the freeway, she heard a sharp intake of breath and knew something was wrong. She had instantly turned to face the officer then followed the beam of light to the floorboard of the Continentals back seat.  She saw the blanket and the outline of a crumpled body, then the face, Jason’s face and finally his cold dead eyes. She would never be able to erase that image from her mind. She had sat there in shock completely, unaware of the officer who had pulled her over for several moments before she heard her name being yelled inches away from her ear, and felt a shake. The officer was shaking her and saying her name over and over. Finally, a question crept into her mind which seemed to clear her head a little and she found her voice enough to ask "How do you know my name?" The officer stopped shaking her and pulled back out of the car and saying "I went to school with you, it's Marianne" Emma took a few moments to think clearly, finally remembering not only Marianne from school but the fact that Marianne was a police officer and now there was a dead body in the back of her car.

Before Emma had a chance to fall back into shock Marianne started to say "Listen, Emma, I know you didn’t kill him and you don’t deserve this shit." With that, Marianne started to lay out the plan for a cover-up. Emma hadn’t quite understood why Marianne was helping her but was glad to have the help.

The plan was simple: Emma was to say that Jason had gotten high and left, and that was when she decided to leave. She had been planning for some time to leave him anyway so it wasn’t necessarily a lie. She was then to take his clothing and dump it out the window as she went down the freeway, piece by piece until it was gone. Finally, Marianne helped her strip Jason naked and then followed her down the freeway so she could help Emma dump him off somewhere in between the towns.  Emma was to then go to a motel and get a room and Marianne was to leave and go back into town, she was a police officer after all and needed to get back.

By now Emma was out of the shower and there was a quick rapping on the door of her motel room.


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