Junkie | Episode 7

Franklin was just waking up again after having taken another hit of the junk that left his head feeling like someone had hit him with a hammer several times on the inside.  He couldn’t just toss it out, but he was demonstrating a little restraint in using it and thought again about Jason and how he is with his junk.  “That Jason doesn’t know when enough is enough” he grumbled to himself.  He decided he had better get up and get some more aspirin and get something else to eat.  That junk really was screwing him up, he realized and decided he should go over to talk with Jason; hopefully, he was not dead to the world on the junk when he got over there.  He just wanted to warn him about how potent this stuff was and to maybe take it easy for Emma’s sake. He also thought that he would have that talk with Emma about leaving Jason, he had put it off for too long and he had thought about it quite a bit especially the first time he woke up after taking a hit of this junk.

“First things first,” he told himself as he swung himself to the edge of his bed and he started to get up but lost his balance and fell back in bed.  “Whoa, steady, steady Frankie”, he yelled at himself, then made another effort to get up, this time taking it slowly and testing his balance a little better.  He hobbled to the bathroom and then moving a little more surely of himself he went back to the kitchen and warmed up a can of spaghetti.  He sat down and shoveled it in as quickly as possible so he could get dressed and head on over to Emma and Jason’s.  He finished the food, dressed quickly and then went out the door. 

It was still lightly sprinkling from that morning or the night before.  He went down to his T-Bird, hopped in and squealed out of his driveway and headed down the road towards Emma and Jason’s house.  It was still early, but he was determined to catch Jason, since that’s what a good friend does, and what kind of junkie buddy would Franklin be if he didn’t go tell Jason about the stuff they both had purchased?  As he rounded the corner to their house he noted that the Continental was not in front of the house, and wondered where Emma had gone.  He pulled into the drive a moment later, hopped out and bounded up to the door like he always did, going right in; since the door was always open.


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