Red and Blue | Episode 6

Marianne pulled her cruiser in behind the Continental. She punched open the door and stepped out hard. She was thrilled at having a little action tonight that wasn’t someone wrapped around a tree or some other idiotic thing that people really could avoid if they didn’t drive like morons when it rained. It was almost like they had never seen or heard of rain before every time it rained. She understood that here in the desert there wasn’t much rain but the people would surely have had to deal with a little inclement weather sometimes. She had grown up in an area where they had to dig their cars out of the snow in winter. She supposed they would shut the schools down here if there were even an inch of snow.

At any rate, she took out her flashlight and tugged her coat away from her body so she could get to her gun if she needed to and then finally began approaching the car. As she stepped up to the window she noticed the woman punch her steering wheel and start to cry. Not the worst reaction she had ever seen but still it is always better to err on the side of caution. She used the flashlight to tap on the window and signaled the driver to roll it down. As the woman did, rain flew in at her face; as she wiped at her tears, she tried to smile. Marianne asked, "You have any idea why I stopped you, young lady?" The woman tried to be coy and answered "No, is my tail light out or something?" Marianne wasn’t buying it she knew that the woman knew what she had done, but as she stood there in the rain with her flashlight in the woman’s face she realized it was Emma.

She hadn’t seen Emma in a long time but she had gone to school with her and Marianne had heard that Emma’s boyfriend, Jason, had turned into a big drug addict. She felt sorry for Emma and decided right then that she would let her go but asked for her license and registration just to be sure she wasn’t letting an actual criminal go with a warning. As Emma was digging through her papers in the glove box Marianne decided to err on the side of caution again and started to look around a bit while keeping an eye on what Emma was doing. Suddenly her light landed on a face peering out from under a blanket on the floor boards next to the back seat with unblinking eyes. There was no doubt about it: that was Jason’s face and he was dead.


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