Roadside | Episode 5

"Shit!" Emma wailed as she started slowing to a stop on the freeway shoulder, and hit the steering wheel. Emma couldn't believe her luck. She was finally leaving Jason, she hadn't made it 15 minutes from home and she was being pulled over. There was no doubt about it if she didn't have bad luck she wouldn't have any at all.  She knew that she had been speeding, but she wanted to get as far away from here as she could, and what was she thinking throwing a cigarette out the window?  She had thought about it for a split second before she tossed it out, but didn’t think it would be a big deal: it was raining, and way late.  Who would be out this late on a weeknight? She didn’t normally smoke in the Continental since she didn’t want the butts stinking up the car.

Her anger welled up and up until she started to cry. Just then there came a tap on her window which had nothing to do with the unrelenting rain. Emma rolled down the window and was instantly blasted by the rain flying in.  The officer bent down, flashlight shining in on Emma, and asked: "You have any idea why I stopped you, young lady?" Emma knew but decided to play dumb, "No, is my tail light out or something?" Emma blinked into the light, it was too bright and she couldn't even see the officer who was speaking to her which made it even more uncomfortable. "No you were speeding and you threw a lit cigarette out of your window", the officer told her then asked, "Can I please see your license and registration?"

Emma started to shuffle through her bag to find her license. She felt the hard plastic that had to be it and pulled it out. Then she tried to find the registration that was in the glove box somewhere in the disheveled mess. While Emma was searching through her things the officer began to shine her light around, looking for what they call 'probable cause'. There was a long pause as the flashlight waved around the car, then suddenly a sharp intake of breath. Emma didn't know what it could be but it couldn’t be good and hoped that Jason hadn’t left any drugs in the car, or that she was about to take a fall for him.


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