Marianne | Episode 4

Marianne felt that she had taken a lot of time getting it right, that finally she was starting to get some respect around the precinct.  Of course, it had only happened after one of the guys caught a glimpse of her butterfly tattoo and made a remark, to which her reply had been a swift punch to his jaw that rocked him and knocked him out.  She was not a tough ass, but she could be if needed, and she knew she always would have to be around those guys. 

Tonight seemed like any other; it wasn’t particularly busy; it was after 2am on a weeknight, which usually meant that it was going to be a long, long shift.  She turned on the regular radio and listened to the weather report.  It looked like it was going to rain and she was not really happy about it.  “People drive like idiots in the rain around here” she muttered.  Since she was looking at a long night and it was going to rain she decided to head off to the gas station to get some coffee.  She ran in grabbed her coffee and ran out just as it was starting to rain.  “This night is turning to shit really fast” she mumbled as she got into the cruiser.  She immediately turned on the ignition and gunned it out towards the freeway.  She was going to set up post out there in the quiet area of town and hope that nothing happened during the rest of her shift.  She just wasn’t in the mood.

She got up to one of those turnouts in the freeway, pulled in and killed the lights.  She sat there sipping her coffee in the pouring rain, feeling particularly grumpy not really at anything. It could be the weather, or it could be that this was the first graveyard shift for the week.  She wasn’t entirely sure what it could be but was glad that it was, so far, a quiet night.

It seemed that no sooner had she thought about it being so quiet, someone sped by going well over the speed limit and flicked a cigarette out the window.  “Well, well, well,” she said perking up, this actually seemed like it might be fun.  She flipped on her lights, hit the siren and started flashing the blue-and-reds behind what, as far as she could see, was a black or dark blue Continental.


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