Jason | Episode 3

Jason woke in a room that was all black, and grimaced in regret at how he had spoken to her.  He put it all in the back of his mind; it was time for his bed and breakfast in a spoon.  He knew that she was thinking of leaving.  “I won’t let my Emma go,” he said to himself as he grabbed his syringe and started heating up the spoon.  He had been snooping through her things and found the suitcase in the closet; he was sure that she was leaving him, but he had just left it there and waited to see if she would broach the subject with him.  When she hadn’t brought it up, he knew that she was just going to leave him without a word.  He couldn’t understand why she would want to leave in the first place, but without even a goodbye, he wasn’t going to let that happen.  Just then he plunged the dirty little syringe into his arm and pushed in the plunger.  “Ah,” he said as his eyes fluttered closed for a moment, then popped right back open.
“Get in the Continental,” a nagging voice told him.  Whether it was in his head or just him whispering out loud, he grabbed his junk and started to head to the door.  Once he got to the car, he turned his face upward.  It was about to rain and was going to get cold.  He remembered that there was a blanket in the trunk.  He hurried to the front of the car and popped open the trunk.  He pulled the blanket in around him tight, and shut the trunk as quietly as possible, then climbed into the back seat, huddled down on the floor and waited for Emma to come out.
As he waited he started to feel the itch and burn and thought it wouldn’t be bad to pass the time with a little more junk.  He pulled out his little baggie, spoon, syringe, and lighter.  He placed a big dose of junk in the spoon.  He supposed that this was lunch even though it was about 2am.  He got everything ready in time to hear the rain start to pour, and again he plunged the syringe home as lightning struck down. “Ah.”  Again he closed his eyes, this time for longer as he reveled in the feeling.  Suddenly something went very wrong, as lightning flashed across the sky Jason’s unblinking eyes lit up dimly and died again.  His body slumped over and then slid down further onto the floorboard of the Continental.


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