Franklin | Episode 2

Franklin started to wrestle with his blankets and sheets. He wasn't sure where he was at first or why his head was throbbing. As he started to shake the sleep from his pounding head, he rubbed his eyes with dry calloused hands, and awareness began to seep back in. it was the junk he took earlier with such a kick that knocked him on his ass. It was different somehow, definitely stronger since only one hit of it had sent him out of his mind until he woke tangled in his bed and it had been a long time since one hit had done that. He instantly thought of Jason. "That son of a bitch had better be careful," he told no one as he shakily stood up and shuffled as fast as he could to the bathroom since he was about to be sick.

As he stood back up and flushed the toilet he grabbed a washcloth from the rack and turned on the faucet. He wet the cloth and wiped at his face to clean the sweat and sick away. He thought of Jason again and thought about calling his dumb ass. He may overdose on that junk if he wasn’t careful, and Jason was reckless, never careful when it comes to his junk.

He walked back to the bedroom and caught the light of the alarm clock. He noted that it was after 2am and thought it was late to be calling. He certainly didn't want to wake up Emma. "I don't know why she stays with that ass," he said out loud again to no one "I hope she leaves him soon". He then turned and left the bedroom and went to the kitchen, since he needed something to eat and some aspirin to get rid of his pounding headache.

As he began to eat his bowl of cereal, his thoughts turned back to Emma. He knew she deserved so much more than Jason, sure he liked Jason, but that didn't mean she had to be stuck with him. He hoped again she would leave Jason and thought maybe he should tell her. Maybe later today when it wasn't this ungodly time he would give her a call.


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