Emma | Episode 1

Emma woke up in darkness with her suitcase already packed. She was leaving today. She had had enough. Watching him slowly kill himself was taking its toll on her. "Can’t do it any longer" she quietly told herself as she dressed and grabbed the suitcase out of the closet as quietly as possible. She knew he would be passed out by this time of night but she wasn't going to take any chances. She also knew that if he heard her trying to leave he would talk her into staying. "It’s all happened before" she muttered as she pulled her coat in around her tight and ran out into the rain. What a perfect night to escape her hell. The rain, though troublesome, was loud and unyielding and would muffle her movements as she dashed towards her Continental.

As she opened the door she quickly threw her suitcase to the passenger side. Grabbing the door handle and gently pulling the door shut while she put the key in the ignition, she pulled the shift lever down putting the Continental into neutral and started to coast out of the driveway. She waited for just a moment, holding her breath while she turned the key. As the Continental roared to life the radio came on full blast, she yelped and jumped, then angrily turned the volume knob down while cursing at herself under her breath.
As she started out towards the freeway she decided to stop at the station to get some energy drinks. Just as she was driving into the dimly lit parking lot of the station she thought she heard a noise right behind her in the back seat, but quickly dismissed it since she was on edge. She ran into the station, grabbed the drinks, a few snacks, and some cigarettes and then ran back out to the Continental. At this point, eager to get out of town, she sped off to the freeway and hit the on ramp getting up to speed in just seconds.
Finally, on the road, she cracked open energy drink and pulled out a cigarette. It was going to be a long night on the road after all.


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