Tarot Mysteries

by Mark Mangum

Tarot Mysteries #2 Outline

I. A Vision of a New Murder
II. Finding the Emperor
III. Some New Evidence
IV. Nocturnal Visions
V. The Hierophant
VI. The Lovers and The Chariot
VII. The Next Victim
VIII. A Close Call
IX. Justice
X. A Strange Call
XI. The Hermit
XII. Trail Gone Cold Again

The Emperor – A happily married man and father of 1. A businessman found dead at his business with the tarot card of The Emperor.

The Hierophant – A local school science teacher found at the school on a Monday morning after a long weekend.

The Lovers – A young couple that ran away from home found dead in a car at the local dive. The cards of the lovers and the chariot left on the dashboard.

Justice – A Lawyer that did a lot of pro bono work. Left on the steps of the court house with the justice card.

The Hermit – A man that had agoraphobia and was found at his home with the card the hermit.


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