Tarot Mysteries

by Mark Mangum

Tarot Mysteries #1 Outline

I. Death of The Fool
II. Felix Lucem
III. First Visions of a Murder
IV. An Unlikely Partner
V. Death of The Magician
VI. The Next Victim
VII. Death of The High Priestess
VIII. Another Vision
IX. Another Death
X. Thrown off the tracks
XI. Visions of The Empress
XII. Death of The Empress
XIII. The Case Gone Cold

The Fool – A young boy and his dog.  Abducted from the park, and found under the floorboards of his parent’s home.  Initially, the parents are the primary suspects.  The Fool card was located near the body of the boy.

The Magician – A younger man that worked as a stage magician performing shows every Friday night at a local club.  Found backstage at the club with the tarot card The Magician, making this a serial murder case.

The High Priestess – A younger woman, a devoted pastor at a local church.  Body found at the pulpit with the card, showing that this is another victim of the tarot card murder. 

The Empress – A woman and single mother of 5.  She worked as a waitress at a local diner.  Body found at her house, with the card by her children.


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