Tarot Mysteries

by Mark Mangum

Character Bios

Felix is a psychic that experiences telepathic images from people, as well as picking up on images and impressions from items that he touches. He also experiences visions and can speak with spirits. Due to his abilities, Felix had some issues in his past and at one time attempted suicide. He has a very strange apathetic outlook on life. His logic and reason skills are well above most that endure such abilities, which makes him a unique individual. Felix always wears a small silver medallion of Gabriel the patron saint of messengers. This was something that was his mothers before she was murdered. Part of what drives Felix in investigating murders is that he hopes one day to find his mother’s murderer.

Felix’s mother died early in his life and he was raised by foster parents. He was never officially adopted by the couple, but they cared for him until he was of age. What Felix never did know was that his foster parents were actually government workers that were interested in him due to his innate gifts.

Characteristics: Felix has longer hair that he keeps multi-colored, in some cases with greens and blues, and at other times with reds and purples. He is naturally blond and has green eyes. He also has an olive complexion naturally. His face has very angular, yet soft features, making him appear more boyish than his age.

The unlikely partner that reads tarot cards. Initially a suspect in the murders, Felix comes to rely on Stella quite a bit as she is able to help Felix unravel his visions through the use of tarot. Stella is not afraid to speak her mind and rarely doesn’t have something to say about what is going on. She uses a very specific tarot deck for reading called the sacred rose tarot, which was as she says “the only deck that speaks to her”. This is the same deck that the cards come from that are left at the crime scenes, which of course helped to lead authorities to Stella as a suspect. Felix knows that it was not her instantly but has to get the authorities to believe that she was not the killer. This is the beginning of their relationship as they start working together, initially to clear her name, but later due to her abilities that greatly aid Felix in his understanding of his own abilities at times.

Characteristics: Stella has long dark hair, which she usually has tied up to keep it our of her face. She has pale skin and dark eyes that seem to swim when doing a reading.

Foster Parents
Felix doesn’t talk much about his foster parents and they are not major characters or plot points in the story; however, they were scientists and government agents that took care of Felix after his mother’s murder so that they could better study Felix’s abilities.


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