Tarot Mysteries

by Mark Mangum

Tarot Mysteries #3 Outline

I. The Wheel
II. Another Vision of Murder
III. Strength
IV. A Narrow Escape
V. A New Vision
VI. At the Hanged Man
VII. Death
VIII. Tampering
IX. The Devil, The Tower, and the Star
X. Three Phases of the Moon
XI. Final Visions of a Murderer
XII. The Sun
XIII. Epilogue

The Wheel – A group of 4, 2 men and 2 women, that get together for orgies. Each one left with a post mortem tattoo depicting one of the animals on the wheel of fortune card. They were left arranged in a circle, mouth to genitalia, with the card present in the center of the group.

Strength – A body builder that spent her life working out. A number of steroid needles left in her body.

The Hanged Man – The Hanged Man is a local bar, the owner found dead at the location arranged like the hanged man in the card behind the bar.

Death – The County Coroner, generally there to verify the death of someone before the body is moved is found dead in his lab, card on the drawer.

Temperance – A woman named Temperance due to her astrological sign of Libra. The scales were tattooed on both of her wrists.

The Devil – An indulgent older man that would pay to watch younger people have sex. Lives in the tallest building in the city, the card of the tower is also left here.

The Star – A local star.

The Moon – 3 generations of women, a mother, her mother, and her daughter.

The Sun – The Mayor’s son. This is the last murder.


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