Burn Out

by Mark Mangum
You have touched my life and so I do live,
But like a star went nova,
That spark exploded and died away.
When you died the sky did burn out,
But the loss of you will always pale in comparison
To what you gave me in the end.
When I looked up into the sky
A new star was born
And in that brilliant light
I know it was you going home.
So while the sky did burn out,
And a star died away,
You were reborn
As I knew that you would be
Please save a seat
Where ever you maybe
I will be there soon enough.
And the sky will be as brilliant as it was before.
Because there are no endings and no beginnings,
Only transformations from one thing to the next.
And as long as I am with you
The sky will never burn out again.


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