Simple Prayer in Death

by Mark Mangum
Razor blades dancing spirals down my arms
Blood slowly dripping
Raining down upon the bathroom tiles
I think
“Inkblots were never quite so colorful”
As parades of images fill my every though
Faces and rooms
Everything I have seen before but cannot place
Then the edges start to seep away from these images
And darkness begins to leak in
And I know then that these cuts you have created in me
Are far too deep and would never heal
Now they consume me entirely
As that emptiness ebbs my soul from my unconscious body
And each time my heart beats
That is one pulse closer to finality
Closer to death
I sigh and begin to pray for the miracle that would save me from this
Save me from you
In a flurry of wings and feathers
I am freed of the chains that bind me
Prayers answered
But in a way not expected


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