On A Night Like This

by Mark Mangum
In this room, where we have painted the ceiling with stars,
The black light turns it into the night sky,
Even though it is sometime just after noon.
We lay on a bed covered in clouds and starlight.
I can feel you tracing over the razor scars on my wrists,
And you penetrate my heart with your gentle touch,
Silently willing me to let you in,
To let you heal the pain that caused such scars.
So I roll over to capture your gaze.
You respond with a kiss,
So pure.
Your mouth has always tasted like honey.
While mine has always tasted faintly of falling rain,
And tears.
I pull you closer taking in the sweet flavor of your mouth,
And my hands hover just over your skin,
Barely touching as they wander the planes of your body.
Then you move to kiss over my heart,
Trying to heal all those old scars,
And draw out all the pain that I hold there.
I run my fingers through your hair.
I hold you as close to me as I can.
I want to fill you up with my love.
But don’t know how to love anymore.
I wish I could take back all those years
And start again.
But maybe this is where I start over.
You cannot hold back.
I want you to take control.
To give me a new beginning.
To show me what it means to love you.
So I lay you down to sleep,
And I fall gently beside you.
Now as we drift dreaming,
I hold on tight.
I do not want to lose this feeling again,
And I am afraid that if I let go you will be gone when I wake.


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