Field of Shadows

by Mark Mangum
Angel light spills softly over me
As rain falls outside
And winter’s chill presses against my window
I sit in bed staring
Watching as the rain comes tumbling down
I ask myself
“Does it have to be so cold inside my heart?”
Just as the question falls from my lips
Shadows surround my bed
And I am pulled out into a field of these shadows
Within these shadows faces twist up to the surface
Snarling at me
And crying out
Begging for me to release them
Then they begin to lash out at me
I pray
Then the sky opens up
And a soft light starts to sweep over the fields of shadows
Swallowing them up one by one within its glory
As I watch with amazement
The remaining shadows charge at me taking me by surprise
They surge and lunge at me with all their might
And I pray again
In an act of faith, I draw a sword from the heavens above
Born of light and my prayers to survive this
I begin to fight back the waves of evil with this instrument of light
When I begin to think and feel I can fight no longer
I pray again
This time hands dive down from the sweeping light
And lift me from the chaos
Into strong loving arms
And suddenly I know who has saved me
For all my prayers have been answered yet again
And he whispers to me
“Come, my child, let us walk for a while.”
“You can tell me your tales.”


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