I started this website to have a way to share my stories and poems after being told by friends and family that I have a unique talent and voice.


I live in sunny Saint George, Utah’s Dixie, where I have spent the last several years.  I was born in San Diego, California where my father was stationed in the Navy; my family moved to Utah when I was around one year old.  I grew up in a small town known as the “Little Green Valley” where I also attended school from elementary all the way through high school.


I found a love for books after my sister read me The Chronicles of Narnia, which encouraged me to make up fantastical stories and character for my cousins and friends to portray during playtime.  I also enjoyed writing projects in school, especially when we were allowed to write creatively and freely.


To date, I have written several short stories and poems, included herein as part of my library, including some unfinished works.  All poems and stories are my original work unless otherwise stated.


I also love video games and the stories that they tell and tend to spend hours planning and preparing before I even actually begin to play a new title!  My obsession is making sure that I have a perfect playthrough (it’s subjective).  With that in mind, I have compiled some of the best game guides and builds that I could find for the games that I love. 

I try to give credit where credit is due, and some information posted in the game guides or builds section will have citations and links where applicable to the original author of the information.


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